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Helping your business succeed in a changing world!

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As your virtual assistant team,
our focus is to provide services to
corporate executives,
business owners and entrepreneurs.

We will partner with you
to lessen your workload in:

Administrative Functions
Visual Design
Social Media
Project Management
Website Creation & Management


We have worked together in a fast paced corporate head office environment for 14 years. Having experienced growth, change, lows and highs, we are passionate about helping people achieve success.

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We understand the frustration of not having your priorities met and waiting on results. Our “discovery” meeting with you will help us to understand your needs and how best we can partner with you to achieve the goals you have set. We follow up on our promises and deliver the results you visualize.

BKM Virtual Support Services BKMVSS Beth McGillivary Karen McBride Reach your goals Commitment Your Virtual Assistant Team


Not only are we partners at BKM, we strive to be your business partner. Our goal is to be your right hand, anticipating your needs as we grow our partnership together.

BKM Virtual Support Services BKMVSS Partners Beth McGillivary Karen McBride Your Virtual Assistant Team

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